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Image by Augustine Wong

Quality Policy

At Teknopak Packaging, our paramount objective is to harmonize customer needs and expectations with advancements in the packaging industry, thereby satisfying both our customers' and our company's requisites, including adherence to national and international legal standards and regulations. We are dedicated to delivering production and services through a relentless pursuit of improvement.

To realize this objective, our management policy is committed to:

Meeting customer needs and expectations in a timely and complete manner, measuring the perceptions and expectations of our customers at regular intervals, continuously improving service quality within the framework of our resources, and taking measures,

Increasing customer satisfaction by enhancing our understanding of continuous quality improvement,​

Improving the knowledge and skills of our employees through training, increasing their efficiency, and encouraging their creativity,

Ensuring continuity and updating quality at every stage of production and service realization by keeping up with technological developments,

Fostering Collaboration: We strive to cultivate a collaborative and perpetually learning organization by actively engaging all relevant stakeholders, including our suppliers, business partners, customers, and employees, in our quality assurance endeavours.

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